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Brave New World Essay

Javier Medina Dr. Ward Intro to Sociology 8 November 2012 Brave New World Essay A novel written by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World is a very interesting, which is based upon a futuristic society. The entire novel shows the reader that this society obtains pleasure without any moral effects. This Utopian/dystopian society manipulates people’s minds making them believe they are all working together for the common good.

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Brave New World explores the negatives of a successful world where everyone seems to be content and satisfied, with more pleasures but this tability is only achieved by sacrificing freedom in a true sense and the idea of accountability. A dictatorship is essentially met through everyone being born from test tubes and not having any other choice then listening to the people who fostered them as children in a factory. This book is really interesting as it explores the dangers of technology and what it can do to a whole world.

In the novel there were architects for the society. They wanted to accomplish in making a perfect community of people. Cloning everyone and controlling their destiny took differences in the people away. By doing this to the people of their society, maintaining stability and peace basically helped achieve the goals of taking away free will and choice. I also believe that another goal that is accomplished by the architects is that no one can or will challenge social class system.

With that being said, there are five social classes that every citizen is administered to. They go in order from highest to lowest: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. When the people are in the bottles upon being developed as infants, certain things are done to them so they fit into to the classes, which suffice. For instance, a person destined to be an Alpha is going to receive the best care. Likewise, a person destined to be an Epsilon will be introduced to some toxin to stunt growth and intelligence.

After the fetuses become babies they are trained through classical conditioning to take pleasure in class placement. The way socialization occurs in the Brave New World is very interesting. Sports, church, and work were the ways that socialization occurred. Only inside your class you were aloud to affiliate with though. But, in the novel we see an Alpha and Epsilon fall in love. Along with socialization, there were important values to the people of the society. The novel addresses the importance of family and its value.

They eliminate parents so that no one may tell them to better themselves or strive to be better than everyone. Their society believes that’s what cripples our society. Everyone wants to be an individual instead of Just knowing your place and staying in it. Sex is another value they have. Pleasure is obtained from sex and they believe that everyone belongs to everyone; essentially meaning, no commitment is made. Happlness Is also valued In tne society I ney acnleve tnls Dy taKlng tne arug soma, which gives them happy hallucinations.

Lastly, technology is what this society values the most. My reasoning for this is that without technology this society could not function at all. The norms of behavior in the society differ from ours greatly. In the novel, society modifies human behavior so that people will seek to receive goods and services as often as they can. This means that the economy stays stable at all times. It is no secret that this is the completely opposite of our society. A great example of his is the depression we are in right now.

Greed hinders this society tremendously, which was not a problem for the society in the book. Sex was a norm in their society also. In a way our society loves sex as well but they wanted to have sex with as many people as they could. I am sure that people in our society would like it to be that way too but we believe in marriage and being dedicated to that person for the rest of your life. In the novel, marriage did not exist. Brave New World was a very interesting novel to me. I believe that the Aldous Huxley does get some things right.

I do not believe in the way the classes were distributed and the way you could not strive to do better for yourself. But, it maintained a stable economy for this society. The false illusion of being happy is the biggest thing that I think he really got wrong. People were made to achieve self-gratification for personal happiness. Taking a drug to create this affect is wrong. Sex with everyone and anyone is also wrong. Lastly, cloning people, essentially making a society into robots is wrong. We were designed to be individuals, which is one of the fundamental parts of making a society.


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