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Bodylanguage and assertiveness

As she arrives, Rob notices her directly, the first interaction between them is going to be eye contact, once that it achieved, Rob will smile or at least show a little sign to express the happiness he is feeling to see here. That makes Sally understand that she is welcome to Join him and also that Rob has noticed she is in the bar. Sally will smile back and maybe wave one hand to show again that she is here and that there was no mistake on the person. Kook a few seconds, it was most important to set a comfortable atmosphere between the two people. 2. Rob is in China for business seminar.

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As he get’s out of the train that took him from the airport to the centre of the city, Rob tries to find someone that can explain him how to get to the venue of his seminar. After looking unsuccessfully for someone speaking English, Rob is going to need to fugue out other ways of communication to make someone understand what he is looking for. He decides to stop someone, first thing again, Rob is going to make eye contact with a and person, once it is done, and that the person has noticed it, Rob will smile to him to make him understand that there is nothing to worry about and that he Just needs help.

Then the Chinese man smiles him back and stops near to Rob. Rob shows him on his map the location he needs to get to and with his hands, the Chinese man gives him a clear indication. Rob is happy to have found help. To thank his guide, he smiles to him again and shakes his hand. The Chinese man replies to the smile, accepts the handshake and continues his route. Even without words, the two persons managed to understand each other Just using body language and a hint of common sense.

With these two examples, we understand that body language is international, every culture will express it in a different way but basically, every human being, is able to comprehend the body language of someone else independently of he’s or she’s nationality, culture or even religion. These are already a few reasons why body language is so important. As we have seen, body language is most important within human communication UT sometimes is not used in the right way. As it shows a lot about someone’s personality, it can play against you in certain situations like Job interviews.

At the moment the candidate enters the room, the interviewer can see strait away certain personality aspects. The way the candidate opens the door, the way he walks If the candidate comes in looking very nervous, touching his hair, avoiding eye contact and not knowing what to do with his hands, the interviewer will already have a hesitating Judgment about the candidate even though no word has been renounced yet. Just like Oscar Wiled said muff never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Was he already talking about body language?

Anyway•ay, the use of correct body languages is very helpful in everyone’s life because it is the best way to differentiate you from others by having unique ways of expressing them. In order to reach assertiveness you will need to use appropriate body language. Here are some pointers. Look at your interlocutor in the eyes. Be precise in your movements. Try not to hesitate Smile and show empathy Do not cross arms Lean forward while someone is demanding your attention Following all these points will help you gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and you will be able to start to be an assertive person, that is respected by others.

Being assertive means to feel free to express feelings, thoughts and desires. You will need to be honest and fair with others. Assertive people know their rights and will never let anyone tell them the contrary of what they believe in, themselves. Many leaders are assertive people who have always achieved what they wanted and engage to make other people follow them Just because they seem to have understood something more and showing that they are leading and therefore become examples that others want to follow.

I personally find it very interesting to see how powerful body language can be, how it says so much about someone and how important it is to have control of it. After my researches, I found out that I was an assertive person due to my character but what I’m not sure yet is if assertiveness is not only a way to protect yourself, a kind of firewall to use against shyness, stress or even anxiety.


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