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Blessing: Universe and Life

Blessing: Universe and Life BY kelvtn19930315 Life Is a Blessing… Since, I was a child my parents taught me that the life I have right now is a blessing from God. I believe life is a blessing from God simply because we get the chance to live it even for a short period. God created male and female and blessed them. Also, I see complexity of the universe and life. I believe that there has to be a starting point of how we all started because life is to complex to Just have happened. For example, birth itself is a miracle. I feel that watching a child grow is one of the most wonderful things in this world.

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Children are gift and blessing from God so we must treasure them for as long as we can. Also, when I looked into the anatomy of human being, I personally concluded that this is the most awesome human body with its miraculous structure and function could never evolved automatically without a wise designer behind it and I believe that God is the creator behind this mystery of life that we have. However, one day when my little sister passed away two years ago, I came to the point in my life when I started to lose my faith to him. I was down and helpless because God couldn’t do anything to bring back my sister.

He left a big scar in my eart that will never be erased because even if I pray to him everyday the life of my sister can never be replaced. Yet, after all the difficulties that came in to my life, my parents never losses faith to God. I regret blaming him for taking my sister’s life. Though he only gave us eleven years to spend time with my sister, I still thank him, that was eleven years of so many great and unforgettable memories that will always stay in our heart. I remember when we used to go to the park with my sister. We had so much fun and laughter together. I will never forget the moment when I seen her being born in this world.

It as the most wonderful moment in my life. I can still picture my mom’s facial reaction after my sister was born. Her face was full of happiness. She cried for a moment and thank God for the life of my sister. My family is very thankful to God for giving us a chance to treasure every moment with my sister even for a short period of time. At the end, I believe that life is a blessing from God no matter how long because he gave us the opportunity to live our life, and so we have to appreciate every minute that we have in this world. Each of us is only here for a time and none of us can assume that we’ll be here tomorrow.


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