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Women today are facing some of the same problems that those women of the sass’s tried to overcome. Equality for women! Many women today find themselves in the position to make career changes due to family shifts, a lack of education, or a failing economy. Many women during the 20th century left behind their careers to be married and raise children. But in the sass divorce rates reached an all time high, leaving women to raise children on their own and go back into the work force. (Bianca 2011) This caused emotional changes to the children along with the mothers.

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It also found many women returning to school pursuing careers that would help them secure Jobs to support a family alone. In 2009, 74% of women working worked full time. (Bianca 2011) These women worked 35 hours or more. Although they were working full time they found themselves in a lower pay bracket then their men co-workers. This could be due in part to not having the education necessary for advancement and being out of the work place for a period of time. Records show that only 30. % of women have only a high school diploma.

Along with not having the ability to be at work 2417 women find themselves in a lower pay bracket. This leads into how the economy plays a vital role for women in the workplace. The economy plays a huge role in all workers in America. It is especially hard on women who are raising children on their own, when the economy is poor. They are subject to taking Jobs that will make ends meet but are limited to hours they are able to work with children in their household. Many women do not have the necessary hill care provisions available and find themselves relying on older siblings to care for their younger siblings.

When the economy is good, women who have college degrees have a better chance of find Jobs similar to the ones they had prior to having children. Women today find themselves in a position that seems poor. Women today like those of the early years of suffrage, have overcome many challenges. The family changes, lack of education, and failing economy will not hold a woman down! Women today have the ability to do what is necessary to support their families. 5 Paragraph Essay By characteristic


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