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Basic NEC Code Rules and Design Practice

Single Panel Service 1 . The neutral is grounded to the power panel which is grounded to the water pipe, ND to the concrete foundation or to ground rods. 2. All the branch circuits must have their ground wires attached to the -g grounded neutral. . The main breaker in the panel serves as a single point to shut power off for the entire building. Remotely Located Panels from a Main Panel 1. 1. 2. , & 3 of single panel service apply to the main panel. 2. The subbed conductors and the circuit breakers in the main panel are sized to the impact rating of the subbed panels. 3. The neutral in the subbed panels must not be grounded. The neutrals and grounds of the branch circuits in the subbed panels must be kept prepare. The subpoenas must have a separate grounding bar for the branch circuit ground wires.

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A separate ground wire must be run with the conductors from the main panel panel grounding point to the subbed panels grounding bar. 1. The neutral in Panel A and Panel B are grounded to the panel which is grounded by a ground wire to the service entrance grounding point in the wire gutter. 2. Subpoenas C and D are remotely located and require over current protection at the individually mounted circuit breakers also enable someone to shut off all the power at the service entrance. All the above must be located in the same room with a maximum 15 feet between the wire gutter and the panels or circuit breakers. . All power must be shut off with a maximum of 6 hand movements. The main breakers in Panels A and B, plus the individually mounted breaker for panels C and D, can be shut off with 4 hand movements. 4. Panels C and D require ungrounded neutrals, and separate grounding bars. A separate grounding wire must be run from the wire gutter to each subpoena, and connected to the ground bar. The ground wires of the branch circuits of Panels C and D must be attached to a separate ground bar in each panel.


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