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Bakery’s Production Process

Ill. Production Process The production cycle centered on producing bread. All products will undergo the same process. The bread will be separated according to their flavors. This will incur separable costs. There are two departments in the manufacturing entity; these are the mixing and baking departments. This is a small-scale business entity that is why a lot of the processes are done manually.

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Based on the information gathered from the interview, the loaves of bread were baked at night from 10 pm to 12 am as to preserve its freshness and make them available to customers at 6 am the following day. The process presented is the most basic one that all products would undergo. Step 1: In order to get the right amount of measurement to be used in the production, the baker weighed the flour with the use of a weighing scale.

Step 2: The baker added water into the basin of flour to make the bread batter. Step 3: The flour mixture should be kneaded carefully to avoid spilling the batter. mixtures. It can be seen that the batter has a light shade of golden brown. Step 5: The bread batter should then be put into the dough sheeter machine to attain its flat and fine form. Step 6: The dough was cut into small portions, and then measured using a weigh scale. Step 7: The dough was rolled and molded.


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