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Autism Essay

There were so many emotions that came up as I watched the video, from sad to helpless, and empathy. I empathize with the parents because it has to be very traumatizing and heart wrenching to know that your child will always have this “special need” for the rest of their life. Many of the mothers in the video had many financial struggles as a result of autism. Although it is very evident that each mother truly loved and appreciate their child you can see that it is very tough for them to cope and adapt to their lifestyle that is revolved around caring for a child struggling with autism.

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Most of the mothers have experienced rude and bewildering looks and questions from other parents who do not understand the dynamics of autism, they also shared a common bond with the other mothers because the mothers of autistic children can understand and sympathize with the demands of the autistic child. Many of the parents were exhausted, drained, tired, helpless, heartbroken, and alone. Working outside the home is virtually impossible because their autistic children needs constant supervision and care. This in turn leads to the fathers of the children to be the sole supporter which puts more strains on the relationship/marriage.

I felt that the children were very lucky to have mothers who cared so much and was more than willing to go the extra mile and to continually love and support them. I felt sorry for the mothers because they really looked sad but brave. I read an article that many disabled children are at an increased risk of being abused and mistreated because of their disabilities and the strains it puts on the families involved. But these children were very well loved and taken care of. One mother said her entire day is dealing with therapists and specialists and many doctor appointments.

These children were a bit rambunctious but somewhat mild mannered. It is evident that they do have many “meltdowns” that are not understood by strangers when they are in public places. I could not imagine having to deal with a autistic child simply because it would put so much stress and pressure on me. I applaud the mothers for being so jovial with their children. One mother pointed out the fact that she may never get to share a dance with her son at his wedding because of his autism, he may never get the chance or opportunity to get married.

Many autistic children won’t live normal lives and have the “normal” and traditional lifestyle that other children will have and grow up to have. One mother was still struggling with that fact and it has been terribly hard to get her mid wrapped around that concept. I really felt a pain for her because I know many women grow up wanting to have children and then when they finally do and the child has a disability it is hard to get rid of the picture perfect lifestyle and child they imagined themselves having.

One mother talked about how she was always scared when the phone rung that it would be her daughter’s school saying that her autistic child hit, bit or acted out violently. One mother talked about the many roof leaks she has had for years but can simply not afford to repair it because it was too expensive and the money she had would go to caring for her child with autism. All the mothers dealt with the same struggles and tribulations but through it they still have lots of moments of happiness with their child.

They are very inspirational to watch them talk and discuss their feelings and details of their child’s and their lives. If I had an child who suffered from autism it would of course be hard but my parental skills would kick in and I would be doing the same thing as the mother in this documentary. Just because your child has a “special need” or disability doesn’t means that kid does not want and deserves love. ALL children need and want love. I commend these brave mothers.


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