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asian am 160 BY kihong1963 Lecture (12. 4) Film – How important is the impact of environment The Latehomecomer Asian American Literature Does not have the privilege to merely exist as fiction or literature Rather, it functions as a documentary of a people and a culture. It is read as a piece of social history Often Ethnic Literature such as Asian American Literature documents the marginal or minoritized status of Asian Americans in U. S. society given how it can only begin by telling us who/what Asians Americans are like Defining “Hmong” – Opening Vignettes

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Hmong meant contained Without a “Country’ Residents of many countries Always “in between” countries War (displacement), Camps and Processing Center Skin deep A group that no one knows about – a name that elicits questions after questions A group that no one wants Not even a “footnote” in history Where do the Hmong come from? Author Kao Kalia Yang define Hmong through the historical circumstances that have allowed Hmong to enter into the U. S. consciousness She defines Hmong through the alues that have defined their marginalization in U.

S. society She insists that the study of Hmong begins not Just with a study of who they are and what they have been through but also with a keen awareness of why we don’t know who they are She defines Hmong through Silences (Skin Deep) “the Clouds” Camps and Processing Centers Silent vs. Silenced page 146-147 page 151 The Gift of Writing Gender Yang defines Hmong through the stories about women Yang defines Hmong through what Hmong culture has silenced Freedom page 188


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