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Arguing for Schools Requiring Student Uniforms

Ronald Merzier Professor Surrency ENC 1101 26 October 2011 Topic: Arguing for schools requiring student uniforms. Thesis Statement: School uniforms benefit both the students and the faulty. It creates an atmosphere in which the students are able to get the most out of their education. Annotated bibliography: King, K. A. “Should School Uniforms be Mandated in Elementary Schools”: Journal of School Health. 68: 32–37. This article talks about arguments for and against the use of school uniforms.

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It explains the dangers of schools not mandated uniforms, some of the examples are kids are into fashion trends like urban clothing. They wear gang related clothing which in turn cause gang members to roam the school area or even enter the school building. It also talks about how kids would be jealous of what another kids are wearing, which in turn would cause bullying. This is related to my research topic because it explains how kids would be in violence towards one another. Marchant,Valerie. “ Dress for Success” Time maginze. 1990.

This article talks about how uniforms can have a positive effect on students. The effects are students may become confident in their self and disciplined. Students will be less judgmental of other students because everyone is wearing the same dress code and lastly students will be able to resist peer pressure and focus on their schoolwork. Then it talks about how a high school now wears uniforms cause fewer distractions, less suspensions and better attendance. This is related to my topic because it talks about the positive effects of wearing school uniforms.

Wilkins, Joe. “School uniforms. ” Humanist, 59. 2 (1999), 19-22. This article talks about the different aspects of how school uniforms can influence students daily life. It talks about how the schools can identify the intruders and how parents would be saving money instead of buying expensive name brand clothing or urban clothing. This is related to my topic because its talking about how uniforms will help out students and parents. Boutelle, Marsha. “Uniforms: Are They a Good Fit? ” Education Digest, 73. (2008), 35-37. This article is about the different viewpoints on school uniforms. It talks about dress codes and how school uniforms effect the students. One other thing it talks about is how school uniforms teach good values and good citizenship and uniform promote safety. This article is related to my topic because its helping me decide on what I can use as my supporting details and main reasons why school uniforms should be required. Damast, Alison. “Return of the Dress Code. ” Business Week. 2007.

This article talks about marketing students at Illinois State University are required to follow a dress code when they are going to class. It talks about the reactions the students made, like some students like the change. They feel that it prepares them for the real world another’s say the policy is fine but feel that why they have to wear it to non- marketing class. This article is related to my topic because it talks about how uniforms are good for you which can give me more supporting details to write about


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