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Anorexia Nervosa Research

The mental health problem that I researched was anorexia nervosa. I had always heard about the eating disorder but I learned a lot of new and surprising things. I always thought that close friends and family members would know right away if a person had anorexia. However, I learned that these friends and family members notice that something is wrong as the person develops anorexia. Another thing that I learned is that anorexia nervosa makes people lose more weight than what is considered healthy for their height and age.

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I knew that anorexia was when a person was underweight compared to the average person. However, I never knew that anorexia was when people were thinner than the average person their height and age. Height and age is an important factor when defining anorexia and I was able to learn the exact definition of anorexia. Anorexia is a deadly eating disorder and is a major issue. People with anorexia are probably constantly afraid and stressed. They are afraid because they fear of gaining weight.

They will always be haunted by the hought that they are too fat and have to lose weight right away. Thus, these people will always be stressed out because they won’t be happy with themselves and will be pressured to lose weight. People who do not know the exact definition of anorexia probably look down at people with anorexia. These people believe that anorexia is a disgusting eating disorder and can be overcome easily. So they are annoyed with anorexic people who are suffering because they think that it is possible to recover from anorexia easily. However, that is not true.

Sometimes if an extremely thin person walks by, some bystanders think “That person is so skinny! They should gain weight because they Just look horrible! ” In reality though, it is really hard for anorexic people to overcome their eating disorder. It takes a lot of treatment, effort, and time. Thus, these bystanders do not even know the hardships that anorexic people have to go through but they say rude comments. If they knew about the eating disorder, they would know that it is a serious illness. It is not something to make Jokes out of or make fun of.


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