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Annotated Bibiliography

Alchemist’s Searching for a Cure. ” FDA consumer July 2003: 18-25. Protest. Web. 23 Seep. 2013. This source is extremely valuable because of the way it describes the ways on how to improve the lifestyle of someone who is dealing with Alchemist’s disease. It also goes in depth talking about the ways doctors and scientists are attempting to find a cure for the disease. The text includes a multitude of pictures, and a few charts that help the author to enhance the understanding that search is constantly taking place, and there have been a few advances towards finding a cure.

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The graph was useful because it gave the reader hope that, someday, there could be a cure for Alchemist’s disease. This source seemed to be useful for someone who wants to learn more about the research taking place in order to find a cure for Alchemist’s disease. It also is helpful for those who may be dealing with a family member or a friend with the disease. The source is reliable because it comes from a credible source, the FDA. Fisher, Abraham. Advances in Alchemist’s and Parkinson Disease: Insights, Progress, and Perspectives.

New York: Springer, 2008. Print. This text goes in depth explaining the possible advances in curing Alchemist’s disease. Also, it tells how far the research has come since the earliest research in curing the disease. Alchemist’s disease research has advanced a lot since the beginning. The text includes a few graphs which depict the advances in technology used, and the progress that has been made in the ongoing research. The text is a decent source for those who are looking into the scientific research side of Alchemist’s disease.

It also shows how different perspectives on the topic have brought different outcomes in research. No matter the stance, the text clearly shows there have been advances in research and it gives a positive outlook to the reader. Moore, Elaine A, and Lisa Moore. Encyclopedia of Alchemist’s Disease: With Directories of Research, Treatment and Care Facilities. Jefferson, N. C: McFarland, 2012. Print. This piece of text is very informational in the way it describes Alchemist’s and the places where a patient can go for help and therapy.

The text explains everything about Alchemist’s and it helps the reader to further understand what the disease actually entails. The encyclopedia is very descriptive, but it can be bland and dry. Since it is an encyclopedia, there are a lot of graphs that try to help the reader relate the information portrayed through a graph. The text is decent, however, it is very informational and boring to read. It is useful for those who want to the complete understanding of what Alchemist’s is. Although it is useful, it is not a reticular text that you would want to spend your Saturday afternoon reading.

It is a reliable source because it is an encyclopedia and it has been revised multiple times before it has been published. Stark, Susan L. , et al. “Preclinical Alchemies Disease and Risk of Falls. ” Neurology 81. 5 (2013): 437-43. Protest. Web. 23 seep. 2013. This scholarly Journal describes how Alchemist’s effects the brain in every way possible. The text explains how Alchemist’s takes over the complete brain and it can affect every mundane task. The text is very bland and formal, but that is what a scholarly

Journal typically consists or. I nee text was unhelpful In explaining ten way It erects t brain and how it can be very dangerous. One graph compares patients with Alchemist’s and those without Alchemist’s. The patients with Alchemist’s had a higher number of falls every year compared to those without Alchemist’s. The text is useful, especially for those who are looking at the physical safety risks of Alchemist’s. The source is reliable because it is a scholarly Journal and it has been reviewed and revised many times before it was published.


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