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The beginning of March is still a bit windy not yet hot. Spring has not even hit yet so t he winter’s crisp air still blew well during the night. Well this particular night the wind was still but it was still cold. I was driving by myself for the first time with my mother’s truck. It was pitch black. The only light was the street lights, the lights from porches that people left on, and of course my head lights .

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While being ribbon blind at night time I can only ride with my lights on bright. I was halfway ho me from Garlanded, Just a ten to fifteen minute drive, when I run across a man walking. Walking along Roberta Drive, a two lane road that almost everyone in Forestall, Gar dandle, Pratt, or Aggressively had traveled. Suburban area, quiet neighborhood with busy lanes. Every street that runs off of this main road had its own bus stop. No lights only stop signs. Small hills a ND lots of steep curves.

Roberta Drive was busy during the early morning rush hour trying to get to w ark, busy during lunch break, and the rush hour trying to get home from work. No one walked along the is road. There was no sidewalks or even a soft shoulder. If a car was to happen to run off the road it would literally be in someone front yard. Meaning chances are if a person was to be walking and a car happens to slightly run off the road that same person would probably not make it. Homeless? Where could he be going? Should I do it?

Honestly I had only owned my lice ensue for Hall 2 a week. I was driving my mom’s car without permission plus I could not see in the dark k. Not to mention could be another Ted Bundy and Just kill me off right then and no one would ever know w. I wanted to help him but I was so nervous because the last encounter I’d had with a homeless. O en homeless that truly didn’t want to be helped. Only being eleven years old I still remember that ordinary day of shopping for com on needs for our home. My mother and I went to Wall


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