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Analysis of Antigone 1

Background Information on Antigone by Sophocles Before reading Antigone by Sophocles, discover some background information on the play, the author, and the time. In about 150-200 words compile that information and submit it in the submission window below. Learning some background information will help you understand the play. Look for information that will pertinent in understanding Greek Tragedy. Make sure you use your own words, quote when necessary, and include in-text citations.

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Keep the bibliographical information for inclusion on your works cited page if you choose to use any of this information in your final essay. This assignment will not be accepted after the due date and time. Antigone by Sophocles Final Project Instructions: You will complete a final project utilizing Sophocles’ Antigone. There are two parts to the final project. Part1: Complete a 500-750 word analysis of Antigone. In order to generate ideas for your essay, you should use the checklist located on pages 443 and 444 of your textbook.

You will utilize two sources — one must be an academic source located in the Broward College Database and the other source can be of your choosing as long as the source is credible. Part 2: You will view either one of the theatrical productions of Antigone and complete a 500-750 word evaluation of the performance (links are located on Blackboard). Review the information on pages 444-449 to help you complete the evaluation. You will need to identify which version you have evaluated and include the theatrical information on your works cited page.

You will then put the two parts together and submit it as one complete project. You will utilize MLA in-text citations and works cited page to document information you have borrowed for this essay. Remember, you are completing an analysis not a summary. Requirements: · 1,000—1,500 Words Total · Incorporate information from 2 secondary sources and lines from Antigone · Review Appendix B “Documentation: Internal Parenthetical Citations and a List of Works Cited (MLA Format)” starting on page 1366 in Literature for Composition


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