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American Films and Mall Floor

In my attempt to remember the night, I’d discovered why some things were convenient to forget. My head was throbbing. But it wasn’t Just from lack of hydration, it was also from excessive humiliation. And the question still remained: had I attacked **** with my tongue? In more ways than one? And did I ruin his shoes? No. F-ing. Way. I KISSED This was bad. This was bad bad. This was the Colossus of bad. They were going to build a giant freaking statue commemorating my horror and terrible decision-making nd unintended bestie betrayal.

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And then theyd probably build another. Whoever “they’ were. The kiss was Just an additional thing I could add to the list of reasons why I’d potentially Just screwed up everything with****. But for now, **** could wait. Sienna couldn’t. I had to talk to her before doing anything else. The kiss didn’t mean anything. I didn’t even remember it. If only I could make her forget it, too… … she’d understand, right? Unlike **** ****** wasn’t afraid to be a dork. And I was ready to dork out with him.

I was living in the moment. And I didn’t know if it was by chance or by choice. But I didn’t care. It was time for me… to bust a move. On the mall floor, Brittney found out that ***** had been her missed connection. I told **** I’d explain it later, but in truth, the story was short. Brittney had connected with the guy she thought was missing. Which made me wonder if I was still missing the guy I had been connected to? And then I stopped thinking. And I let myself live in the moment. Everything with ****** was easy.

Everything was as it was meant to be. Cuz finally the other guy I had been pining over was all but a distant… … forty feet away. **** had come to find me at the dance. Clusterf*ck #1. And… he saw me in a scene with ******. Clusterf*ck #2. We were speaking in code and he wanted to know if it was too late. Too late to be with me. I was confused. I didn’t know if I should listen to my head… or my heart. So I went with my hand…. that slipped into ****** One door to my heart had closed. Which meant a new one could open. And


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