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A Rising Pharmacist

A Rising Pharmacist Today many people are sick and disabled. IVe seen many people that have become sicker than what they normally were. Illness brings problems that can be quite devastating, and it can lead to depression. IVe always question my self and asked myself, “Will these problems disappear? ” Who can help these people? Are there solutions to decrease the sickness faced by people of today? I know that some day these problems will disappear, and we will become healthy individuals. The health of others is my greatest concern because it affects this world for them and not only for

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The health of others around me has such a great effect that I want to become a pharmacist. I plan to obtain skills in such areas of pharmacy that will promote a better heath rate. In the field of pharmacy, I wish to change the hardships and the complication that patients have in order for them to receive medications. I want to make the prices lower but at the same time heal the patients. l, being a part of the pharmacy departments, will change the hopes today of patients. Then they too can have a chance ofa happy ending life. I am very please to have the option of becoming a pharmacist.

IVe had many things taught to me that ensure me of becoming a great pharmacist. At the complex center in Woodville, Mississippi, I was accredited with skills such as drug calculations, drug classification, and terminology of medical terms. I competed in the HOSA bowl and was placed fourth out of twenty students in the pharmacology area. I am sure that with my skills IVe obtained, I will become the best pharmacist there is. By becoming a pharmacist, the health of others will become very hopeful because I will make it my obligation to implement the best drugs.


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