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Rage in Harlem Chester Homes When reading the book a Rage in Harlem by Chester Homes it brought me to the realization how language is not Just a way to communicate with people. But rather it can be used in harmful ways where people can be deceived, cheated on, pushed away, hurt, and etc. Language and communication is the strong connection it brings about between two people. Communication between person to person can either make a person’s day or it can kill them inside where what was said and done to them will never be forgotten.

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In the first chapter off Rage in Harlem we see how in general Jackson and hank are cheating on the city in which they live in. Jackson, a colored man in the novel is in love with his girl Immovable and gives Hank, the only man who has the special paper to change the value of money, ten dollar bills to change into hundreds. We see how Jackson lies to the bank and tells them he won it playing a game and to check if it was real. Jackson has no fear or shame of what he’s really is asking . When they get caught by the marshal, hank, immovable, and Jodie were able to run away.

But as Jackson sits there getting arrested, he uses different techniques to get out of the mess he was in. The first technique he uses is “Just this once, marshal, Eve never been arrested before I’m a church man, I into dishonest”. We see how he tries to show him he comes from a honorable place where he is honest and a true man of god . He tells him he’s a respected man, he’s a church gore. When Jackson sees that doesn’t work he tried a different technique to tell him there “brothers” and that they should care about each other. He said “you a colored an like me you ought to understand that “.

Since they were both black and both people who come from the same backgrounds and can understand each other, he tries to tell him to let him go this once “there brothers” as it says. Brothers are always there for each other. He also tells him “where we poor colored people goanna get any money from? ” Jackson tries to get the marshal to understand that it’s hard to get a good paying Job having that color, and to try to understand where the temptation came from. When Jackson sees that nothing he is going to say is going to persuade he marshal to let him off the hook, he comes up with a different technique.

He says “marshal ill pay you two hundred dollars if you let me off’ automatically everything changed. Suddenly the marshal understands Jackson’s temptations and knows where he’s coming from and says “but I can see that you’re an honest man Just led astray by a women. And being you’re a colored man like myself, give me two hundred bucks and ill let u off the hook” . When you bring in the money, we see how easy it is for a person to loose his respect and what he believes in. Just slip him some money under he table and you’re covered.

What money does to us these days is scary. And how Jackson can tell the marshal that he was doing it to buy a coat and etc. For his wife. He should’ve taken responsibility and not blame it on others. In chapter 2 we also see how immovable has also been lying and maybe cheating on Jackson. Her sister Margin quotes ” and if you don’t know by this time that she is a lying b****,you is a fool. ” immovable told Jackson she is waiting to get divorced to a man down south to get married to him. I mean who says she’s not lying? If she lied about how she found

That’s something Jackson has to sit down and think about and find out the truth behind all these lies.. In life, we see as many people try to get their way around things through different methods. Communication is a great thing but we have to be careful to not hurt people, and lie and deceive others, rather to use it the right way, because that’s the only way you will make it life. You might get your way the first time around, but the next time it happens, you’re going to be paying a much heavier price. Just do things the right way in life, it’s the way to go, and you will have a Joyous life!


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