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A Project Report on Consumer Behavior

The measure objectives of the study were: To study the factors influencing the automobile users to choose services of their respective service provider. To study the different schemes and offers which are binge provided at Smash Pandora To study the problems faced by customers at Smash vehicles Pandora. To find out the problems and other issues regarding services provided by Smash vehicles Pandora. To study the changing consumer behavior about Smash Vehicles Pandora. To examine the level of satisfaction of the consumers.

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The study was done in Pandora district. The area was Covered with a large number of customer. The study was carried out through the questionnaire and personal Contacts. The study also tries to put related finding of the study and moreover it also puts forward suggestions. Study of consumer behavior was concerned with only existing Customer of the service users. This study was a part of drive for gearing up the sales and customer satisfaction and to have a database to take further any initiative for increasing the quality of service.

Study included the market survey for the selected areas of the Pandora, and only he individual customers of that area are surveyed to know their satisfaction level towards the company service. The data base generated will further help to concentrate on the services provided by the company and to positive consumer behavior towards the company and improve the service to increase the level of satisfaction of the customers of those areas. This will be used at the end by both managerial persons, the company representatives and the sales executives.

The study was under some limitations such as: 1 . In case of any sample survey, the sample selected represents the universe. However this representation does not indicate the actual behavior of the whole universe. 2. It may be noted therefore, that this survey is based upon the responses of small sample representing a large avoidance. Thus, the result obtained there upon should be considered only as representation & an indicator of the total population. 3. Secondly, the study was under time constraint, which restricted the sample size.

Similarly, non-availability of data or relevant information may lead to misinterpretation of facts. 4. Sometimes, the right person was not available to response, so the data obtained ay not be authentic. 5. Questionnaire Method was adapted for the study, so we had relied on the data and information given by the respondents irrespective of his intention. Marti Suzuki India Limited (Mar$I Suzuki), commonly referred to as Marti and formerly known as Marti Dog Limited, is an automobile manufacturer in India. It is a subsidiary of Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki.

As of November 2012, it had a market share of 37% of the Indian passenger car market. Marti Suzuki manufactures and sell a complete range of cars from the entry bevel Esteem and Alto, Ritz, A-star, Swift, Wagon, Zen swift Dizzier, Khakis and SEX, in the ‘C’ segment EEOC, Omni, Multi-Purpose vehicle Suzuki Artier and Sports Utility vehicle Grand Vital. The company’s headquarters are on Nelson Mandela Road, New Delhi. In February 2012, the company sold its ten millionth vehicle in India. Originally, 18. 28% of the company was owned by the Indian government, and 54. 2% by Suzuki of Japan.

The BGP-led government held an initial public offering of 25% of the company in June 2003. As of May 2007, the government of India sold its complete share to Indian financial institutions and no longer has any stake in Marti Dog. Marti Dog Limited (MULL) was established in February 1981, though the actual production commenced in 1983 with the Marti 800, based on the Suzuki Alto car which at the time was the only modern car available in India, its only competitors- the Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padding were both around 25 years out of date at that point.


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