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A Knot In My Yo Yo String

A knot in your you-you string is a conflict that you had to face and overcome in your life. A “knot in my you-you string” was the really disturbing habit I had of biting my nails. I have had this habit since the third grade and at first I never really had a reason to stop but then it became a really big problem with my nails because it would become ugly, cracked and also it would bleed a lot.

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Then in the fourth grade I really wanted to top the habit so I looked on the internet and tried almost every trick until I found the one that worked for me. The first trick I tried was the “rubber-band trick”. You had to wear a rubber-band around your wrist and whenever you had the urge to bite your nails, you would snap it. But that didn’t work for me because I would always forget. Then I tried the “band-aid trick”. You had to put a band-aid around each of your fingernails to stop yourself from biting.

It worked for a little while but then it became big waste of band-aids and also people would look at me weirdly. So I tried the “nail polish trick”. I would put paint my nails a pretty color and then paint a clear coat of polish that tasted disgusting on top of it. Since normal nail polish already tastes awful, the nasty tasting polish on top of it made it taste unbearable. But it worked because whenever I would but my nails it would taste gross and then I would stop! I solved my “knot in my you-you string” with nail polish!


I'm Sophie Gosser!

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