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A Child Called ‘It’ The novel A Child Called ‘It’ is a compelling moving true story written by David Peeler. As a child he was brutally starved and beaten by his alcoholic mother. His mother Catherine treated him awful. She did not think of him as one of her sons but as an ‘it’ , to her that was his name. This book was one like no other, it is the first in the series of three. I was really hooked on this book and I didn’t want to put it down. The theme portrayed through out this novel is the ability to overcome remarkable odds.

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David at a young age realized what his mother was capable of doing to him, not feeding him and making him sleep in an old army cot in their basement. The way this book was written I could really feel the pain that David was going through. This book has forever changed my life, it has made me so thank full for the life I have been given and for having such loving parents, even though they are tough on me and annoy me sometimes I know how much they really love me. David never had that in his upbringing and I have so much respect for him because he spoke up about what appended to him when he was a child and what he went through as a child.

I can’t believe this is really a true story and how a mother could do everything she done to her very own child. I think the worst thing Catherine done was when David didn’t do what she wanted she threw a knife at him and stabbed him in the stomach, and never took him to a hospital. This shows the theme The ability to overcome remarkable odds because the fact he got stabbed and had no medical care shows how strong David was at his young age and hoe determined he was. Also this is the hired worst child abuse case documented in California. Since this is the third worst case I can’t even imagine how bad the other two cases are before him.

David could of got out of that hell house sooner because the school nurse, his teacher and principle all found out what was going on but were afraid that if they got the police and child services involved that it might be a horrible outcome. I believe that since this is a true story a lot of school in America would of changed the way they look after their students and if they see anyone who looks like they are having family problems try rot the problem straight away instead of leaving it for years Just like what happened to David Peeler.

If I noticed someone who was in a situation like this I would go to the police at once because I would want that person to be in a safe place not an abusive place. After reading this book A Child Called ‘It’ it really opened up my eyes to what some people and families do live like in this world and it makes me so great full for the life I have got. The theme the ability to overcome remarkable odds is shown throughout the entire evolve A Child Called ‘It’ by David Peeler by showing how strong he was throughout his young childhood years.

Even though he had an abusive mother who beat him black and blue, stabbed him and starves him. He always saw the light at the end of the tunnel and tried to take the positives out of life. If a lot of people had to live like he did I don’t think they would of had the same attitude as he did, which shows Just how strong he really is. This book is prefect for a year 12 book club because everyone who emotions running through them at the same time, anger, sympathy, love, happiness al mixed into one.

I would recommend this book A Child Called ‘It’ by David Peeler for a yearly book club because it really opens up your eyes to how bad child abuse is and can be. It makes you realize how lucky your life is and to appreciate everything you have got. It is a book that a lot of teenagers would enjoy because it’s not something they would normally read and pay much attention to. David Peeler is an inspiration to many out there because he had such a horrible upbringing but always saw the positives in life.


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