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What is learning?

I chose the behaviorist perspective. According to our text, the behaviorist perspective “focuses on the effect of the environment on behavior. ” (Ciccarelli & White, 2011) The basis of the behaviorist is that personality is a learned response to environmental stimuli. There is the social cognitive view, which believes that we learn from models and our memory and anticipation plays a role in our personality also. Our text points out that social cognitive behaviorism is limited because it does not take social and mental processes into account.

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Collect: Self-Efficacy Self-efficacy is simply one’s belief in one’s self. It is our internal voice that tells us we can attain a goal. Albert Bandura of Stanford University explain self –efficacy from the standpoint of the social cognitive theory, “People’s self-efficacy beliefs determine their level of motivation, as reflected in how much effort they will exert in an endeavor and how long they will persevere in the face of obstacles. ” (Bandura, 1989) Basically, belief in one’s self is what drives a person’s personality.

Reflect: Twin Differences I have a fraternal twin sister, and we could not be more different even though the same people raised us in the same home. She played with Barbie dolls and detested being dirty. I played with GI Joes and would roll in a mud puddle if allowed. She was very blunt, forceful, loud, and had to be the center of attention. I was quiet, self-motivated, introverted, and liked being alone. I was I think this is where behaviorism and the social cognitive theory fails.

Although we were raised with the same external stimuli and environmental factors, we are two very different people. Connect: Training While I do not have an academic example, I can relate to my job. Part of my job is training people. I have learned behaviors which people exhibit that can tell me right off whether they are going to grasp what I am teaching or completely ignore me. If I applied the social cognitive theory to their actions, I could deduce that their parents allowed them to be disrespectful and did not teach them to pay attention when being spoken to.


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