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Good morning/afternoon Miss Tspanos and fellow classmates.
Today I will be carrying out a detailed comparison and clear
analysis of how context affects the perception of how people
receive texts over time by comparing values, ideas and
language form .The two texts that I will be relating to the
given question are Merry Shelly??™s 1818 chilling novel of
Frankenstein and Ridley Scott??™s 1992 directors cut of blade
runner. Both of the chosen texts present to time separate
audiences on how the excessiveness and promotion of science
and technology in substitute to the role of god and what
consequences inturn follow .In both text humanity is portrayed
as having taken science research to a point beyond return
and in turn society has been left to deal with it consequences
as whole.


Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus as its known features
both the gothic and romantic elements. Both of these elements
especially romanticism have been placed deliberately
throughout the plot in a particular way offering
the audience of that time something they can relate to
themselves .Between the 18th and 19th century a romantic
movement had risen which would be embraced by the artists,
pouters and writers to transform their work in a way they
never thought possible. Romanticism was plainly a movement
against old laws and ethics which prevented people from
thinking out side the box, enlightment thinking, or mentioning
anything that was proposed to be against logic. In short the
Romantic Movement gave people the opportunity to detach
themselves from old ethics and beliefs in search for a more
imaginative and innovative future not bound by logic.
Many of the writers and pouters had notably responded to the
movement by including many elements of romanticism in their
work from settings ,tones ,themes and personalities.

Merry shelly contributed to this movement by including
numerous elements of romanticism in her novel of
Frankenstein in the form of the way characters in her tale
seek redemption after reflecting upon themselves what
wrong they have done in their life or what role they had
played in their society eg. The character of victor is
portrayed as having a selfless and obsessive personality
towards society and his creation.


Gothicism can be closely referenced to Romanticism.
It??™s a genre of literature that combines elements of both
Horror and romance. Mary Shelly??™s novel of Frankenstein
Contains elements of Gothicism eg. bloody murders and
forbidding such as graveyards ,charnel houses and the way
dead body parts have been gathered and horrifically
amalgamed to create the demon. The 18th century was a

period in time marked by the industrial revolution, mass
production, faster means of travel and growing urbanisation.
In Frankenstein both the creator and the creature are portrayed
to us as having obsessive personalities, both endure pain and
suffering and seek the destruction of one another. In gothic
literature revenge is a common theme and serves as a major
contributor in the direction her tale takes.

Bladerunner film history and film noir

Bladerunner is a film text based and filmed upon Philip
dicks novel of ???do androids dream of electric sheep ???Which
was written in 1969 .The original studio version of the film was
viewed to the public on 1982 but a directors cut version of the
film was later released on 1992 which is the one featured in my
study today .

The directors cut featured some extra scenes and reedited
scenes such as in the unicorn dream in the original occurs in the

end whilst the directors cut has it placed in the middle. But the
main difference is in the endings the original shows Deckard
and Rachel driving off into the sunset, and a happy
continuation to their relationship is strongly implied, in the
directors cut it stops of after Rachel and Deckard get into the
elevator in his apartment leaving the audience startled and

Blade runner is a science fiction film that explores ideas
and important philosophical issues of our time such as human
corruption, good vs. evil, the relationship between art and science
and between technology and the human kind. The ideas implied
in the film cause people to reckon with themselves of what just
might happen to mankind if they progressed the way they are.

In the period the film was made postmodernism was taking place
which involved the rapid growth in science and communication
technology and commercialism wish clearly heavily influenced

the film in terms of the themes ,tone ,character personalities and
environments that attributed in the film .examples of these
attributes in the film of Blade runner is its setting ,its set in
an urban environment ,height time, shadows ,dark alleys ,acid rain
,smoke ,cigarettes crime and corruption All highlight the crippling
destruction society has plagued upon itself. The use of all these
features is a technique called film noir and in French means black
cinema which was mainly used in American films between the
1940??™s and 1950??™s.

Ridley Scott??™s ideas and arguments are presented in his film can be
related to what was happening in the 80??™s. At that time computers
where being sold at a mass scale to businesses and people in first
world Countries this demonstrated the gap between the rich and
the poor. Also at that time global warming and deforestation where
being brought up as important issues to be debated. Ridley Scott
takes advantage of these keys issues and incorporates them into his
film to create a menacing atmosphere of fear about where the world

Could be heading if we continue blindly placing all our trust with
Technology to make our life??™s better and as it turns out many of these
shortcuts cause damage to our atmosphere as portrayed in the film
such as constant acid rain, smog, gaseous clouds and the overall
darkness of the sky. This further gives the audience
something to relate to through the use of these powerful visual

Texts in time comparison

Both texts are products of relatively different times in the world
both explored what seemed to be in the distant future somehow
the writer and the director of the two texts have created something
current audiences can resonant to. Frankenstein compared to blade
runner contains not much of a difference. Frankenstein has Merry
Shelly explores the vision of creating or resurrecting life something
that seemed believable in the 18th and19th century when a scientist
had claimed to have resurrected a dead corpse by the use of

galvanisation. While Ridley Scott takes on the idea of cloning in
relation to what was happening in the 19 where numerous animals
where cloned such as frogs ,mice and the famous dolly the sheep.
An important key factor in comparing these two texts is analysing
the creations. Blade runners Roy bate and Frankenstein??™s monster
have both been abandoned by their creators and are introduced as an
under estimated and lethal threatto the society which leaves them
with no room to adapt. Bothtext highlight and elaborate on how society
as whole abandons, exclude sand alienates any abnormality or any form
of change. In blade runnerthis can be noticed when humanity is portrayed
as being over run andinfested by loose science experiments discovering
society for what it isconsumed by greed, hate and illusions. In
Frankenstein the monster isviewed as a menace or nuisance to society
as destruction and murderfollows it wherever it goes. In our current
society these issues have not changed over time for the better
this gives current society something to relate to and maybe solve.

Both texts stress upon sending a clear warning to society against

stretching the limits in search of knowledge or invention without
taking heed to the consequences that may follow in retaliation.
In my final conclusion to both Merry Shelly??™s novel of Frankenstein
and Ridley Scott??™s movie Blade runner both convey to the audience a
similar message even though they have been created at very different
times meaning people have not taken heed to merry Shelly??™s warning
and Scott had tried to renew this warning using Bladerunner which is
???not letting society get too ahead of itself with brake through
technology and meddling with things in science research they have no
business in???.

Thank you for listening to my speech


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