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English Essay with Related Text – Journeys

A journey is the act of travelling from one place to another and has the ability to be transforming. Journeys can take you through a number of unexpected detours and obstacles of which are dependant upon the choices that one makes along the way, which can all lead to the final destination. Rabbit Proof Fence, a film directed by Phillip Noyce, Meatworks and Journey to the North Coast, both poems by Robert Grey are all texts in which travel along a path of unexpected encounters and destinations which are inevitable to journey.

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Journeys are long, strenuous and arduous and involve many obstacles that must be overcome. An example of this is ???Rabbit Proof Fence??™, which takes place in outback Australia. It is a physical journey through the outback of Western Australia full of challenging obstacles; adversities and heat that need to be faced by the children attempting to escape and find their way back home. This is evident through the various techniques of the directors??™ camera angles, views and long shots as the girls journey through the desert. The extreme long shot of the girls walking through the vast outback of Australia emphasing how far away from home they really are and the epic journey they have ahead of them; physically and mentally. This is seen also through the physical pain and mental exhaustion that the journey has on them, and the fact that they can??™t go on anymore, ???My legs Molly, they hurt. I can??™t walk any further???. The road that the girls travel along to get back home to their land and their culture is symbolic of the journey in which they are embarking upon. The fact that the girls are bare feet is symbolic to the freedom and liberty that they are experiencing while on this life changing journey; a journey back to where they belong.

Your cultural perspective can determine what you get out of the journey. This underlying assumption is vital to the journeys travelled throughout ???Rabbit Proof Fence??™ primarily because the journey is about self-discovery and surviving the unexpected detours that are encountered along the way, all in an attempt to get home safely. The girls feel as though they don??™t fit in at all at the remote settlement at Moore River, a place that is both 1500 miles away from home, and distanced from their mother and own culture. This is represented through the use of dark and dull colours, which are seen at the camp, juxtaposed with the bright and refreshing colours used at the girls??™ home of Jigalong in which they feel accepted.

Journeys are both unexpected and inevitable with change. ???Meatworks??™ travels through a part of Grey??™s life in which he is both ashamed about and he would rather forget. It is a reflective journey into his past and guilt however, through his writing he forces us to journey into the core of humanity and reflect on what we have become as a species. The first few lines of the poem are packed with sensory images and creates a chaotic scene where Grey describes the Avatar and what he can see around him, ???where concrete gutters crawled off heavily, and the hot, fertilizer thick, sticky stench of blood sent flies mad.??? This inversion emphasises the death density of gore, and bluntness and the matter of fact tone is a reminder of the past human brutality connotations of death camps in World War II.

The violent verbs shown throughout the poem further emphasise the brutality of the situation and showing this brutality of humans and what we are capable of doing. ???Shaking metal box that had a chute in, and a spout, snatching steaks from a bin they kept refilling pushing them through arm thick corkscrews, grinding around it, meat or not ??“ chomping, bloody mouth???. Throughout the poem Grey keeps trying to convince himself that he is not the one who is killing these animals, he had to do this job, there was none other, he just packs the meat, he is not guilty of anything. He is trying to distance himself from the others and the horror. You can see this through the enjambment ???but I settled for one of the lowest paid jobs, making mince right the furthest end from those bellowing sloppy yards.??? This reinforces the fact that journeys involve unexpected detours and encounters, which we are not always proud of.

Journeys involve a myrid of emotions and can be transforming. ???Journey to the North Coast??™ is a sequential journey about Greys reflective train ride up towards the north coast. The structure of the poem is free verse, which suggests that the journey is free and flowing and the power of the journey lets him transcend above the mundane. Through Grey??™s use of tactile aural imagery we are omniscient, active participants along this journey and with him we experience his emotional journey. Throughout ???Journey to the North Coast??™ Grey displays a sense of uncontrollable selflessness as he alludes to the ???nude descending staircase??™ painting which takes him on a trans through his surroundings which he is seeing in a different light. You can take from the poem that this journey Grey has embarked on is a positive journey as he ???rises into the mirror rested.??? You can see from this that he is happy, rested and enthusiastic about the journey he is on. He looks into the mirror and sees a reflection of himself and it is as though he has resurrected. It also shows that the changes made throughout the journey have transformed him.

Grey has made the use of colour throughout the poem by the accumulation of images, which paint for us the reader a rich tapestry of scenery on the journey. As he has been on this journey his experiences and obstacles along the way have changed just like the colours of nature change. The use of descriptive language creates a picture in your head and transcends the mundane into something more magical. This is seen through the simile ???The trains shadow like a birds, flees on the blue and silver paddocks???. This shows that journeys can take you through unexpected encounters and destinations.

???Rabbit Proof Fence??™, ???Meatworks??™ and ???Journey to the North coast??™ all involved unanticipated sacrifices and choices that affected the final destination. This supports the overall idea that the world of journeys involves unexpected detours, encounters and destinations.


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