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Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming

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The Effects of Global Warming
What is global warming you may ask It is when the earth??™s atmosphere heats up more than the average temperature. It most generally happens when greenhouse gases trap heat and light in the earth??™s atmosphere, which increases the temperature. This hurts many people, animals, and plants. (blurtit.2010) The change is harsh for them and their environment so they eventually die off. As a community, I believe society should do the best we can by doing something to make the earth a safer place. This could be a moral issue because of the fact that humans are not the only one beings harmed by global warming. All human , animals, and plants already being exposed and vulnerable to the changes that our occurring such as droughts, horrible storms and floods and people getting sick and having to be hospitalized because of disease-carrying insects being drown to the states especially because of warming temperatures. Helpless animals are losing their homes because the weather is melting the ice they live around, or the heat is drying up all the food causing them to starve. Plants are getting too much sunlight and too much heat or they are getting too much water and are dying off.
In our community, we have had to deal with excessive rainfall, and extreme hot weather. With all of this, farmers have lost crops, which would result in losing money for themselves and their family.
This is how it could become a moral issue for some people. Because global warming affects not only human, but also helpless animals, it is definitely a moral issue. Many scientists are trying to come up with several different solutions to help prevent all of the harmful effects of global warming such as clean energy sources but for now, us, as a community we should take all of the measurements we can do to improve the situations that are occurring in the surrounding environment. People hear about recycling all the time. Why, because it helps the earths out more than people actually realize. By recycling all of your paper, plastic, steel, and aluminum, it helps our community save more energy by not having to start from brand new material. Burning fossil fuels, such as, gases, coal, and oil has an enormous impact on global warming. Carpooling would be another one people have heard about. When your car is running, it is burning up oil, and carbon, which are fossil fuels, and it is turning them into carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere. Burning down trees and plants to make suburban homes is not allowing all of those trees and plants to let off the resources that help our community and our atmosphere out.
Therefore, I think that if we do all that we can do we can help our community out drastically, and people would not have to worry about losing money and would benefit from doing all they can.


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