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Auto Theft
Brenda Hines
Criminology ??“ 3
December 19, 2012

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I think that the reason that car thieves steal these particular items is because they are worth a nice amount of money. Today there are so many people out here that are looking for the expensive rims, but cannot afford them, would happily pay half the amount, for some nice rims on their vehicles. As for the airbags, I am having a hard time trying to figure out why anyone would take the time to steal those. I was under the impression that all cars today come with airbags on the driver and the passenger side. I am really surprised to read that the price for an airbag that is stolen costs so much. Is there some other reason that these criminals are stealing them, maybe to conceal drugs inside them This is the only reason that I can think of.
The new headlights that are on newer models are very expensive. These are hot items that people maybe cannot afford so they buy them hot.
Auto theft is a multi-million, maybe even billion dollar crime ring. If a person gets hooks up with the right people, they can make a lot of money. To me, the reason that anyone steals a car is about the thrill.
Take the movie Gone in 60 Seconds; this is a good example of auto theft. They stole only the best cars that would get them the most money. And from way the actors portrayed car thieves, it gives the impression that if anyone is in this type of lifestyle look at all the money they can receive. Although, it is very illegal.
As for me knowing anyone that has their vehicle stolen for these types of parts, no. I do know some people that have had their car, or whatever type of vehicle they had stolen, but not for
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These particular items. Mainly, their cars were stolen by kids to joyride. Their radio and cd??™s might have been stolen, but not airbags, or headlights, or wheels.
As for how we can protect our cars, some are already equipped with Lojack, On-Star, and anti-theft devices. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, or live where there is underground parking that has surveillance your chances of becoming a victim might be small. But, I would suggest that with a private garage, you should make sure that it is kept locked at all times. Although, I have seen where car thieves can have a remote device that can open your garage.
Today??™s criminals have so much technology at their hands with the internet and all; it is getting so hard to protect anything that we have. It??™s like society is in a war with criminals. There is so much technology out here today; they are going to school to learn how to beat the system in certain crimes


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