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Provision for disable competitors

Additional agencies are the agencies that help with the funding or development of a sport. In the case of sailing additional agencies include sport relief and sport England (in the form of lottery funding). Provision for male/female competitors At local level the provision for male and female is equal. All clubs in the local area provide some sort of facility for male and females. Sailing is generally a sport that can be enjoyed by both male and female. The boats sailed at local level competitions are double hander’s or single handers. These boats are easily sailed by both male and female alike.

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Nationally the provision for male and female is the same as local. As sailing is a sport for all, it is easy to find clubs all over the country that are happy to accept male and female competitors. Male and female competitors can compete in a number of competitions at national level, with the main one being the national sailing competition. In this competition males and females can compete against each other on an equal level. The other national and international competition that is big at the moment is the Olympic drive. The Olympic team can get selected anywhere from local competition to nation sailing regatta’s.

Provision for disable competitors Locally the provision for disabled sailors isn’t major; however there is one club that does provide for disabled sailors. This club is waveney sailing club. The club provides 8 disabled access boats, designed to get disabled people into sailing and out on the water. The club has 45 disabled members from the great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich area. This means that the chance of meeting new friends is very high.

200 or so clubs around the UK have a wide range of special facilities and volunteers to help. Many have hoists, launching ramps and specially adapted changing rooms. Some are RYA Training Centers where sail training is offered. International competitions such as the Paralympic games encourage young people to take up sailing.

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Sailing as a sport is a well established sport. It has been part of the Olympics since the 1900 Olympics in Paris. It has been in every Olympic Games since. Sailing is a good sport to get involved in as it is not as physical as some sports but still has provision for all. An incentive for getting involved with the sport is the 2012 Olympics in London. These games will encourage young people from the age of 8 years to get involved in sailing as it could mean they could represent their country at the games.


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