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Sporting links

The links between schools and clubs are usually very good because most school children are usually encouraged to join clubs so that they can do more sport. Most schools run after school clubs, or extra curricular activities, they have done this for years and there have been more clubs added. Lots of teams that were formed in the past were known as ‘former pupils’ these were developed from clubs that started after the school hours and the teams kept going even when the pupils had left school. There are lots of clubs like this around today.

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There are lots of sporting activities around today so it is not always possible for schools to have enough time to cover all the sports. Clubs are Important because they allow young people to spend more time on the sport they chose.

Clubs also want to keep their standards up so they are always on the lookout for young members to join them. Professional clubs like football clubs. Sometimes send people out to school matches to try and spot talented players or get youngsters to join them. This also gives the school a good image if their pupils are playing sport at a high standard so links between the schools and clubs are very strong. This also helps the clubs because if they can get players to join the club at a young age they do not have to spend lots of money on buying good players from other clubs in the future. Many clubs run youth policies and run several youth teams made up of local youngsters.

In Ware there are lots of sporting links between schools and the schools are lots of leagues in a variety of sports. Different schools host matches and tournaments for these leagues to exist. Most of these schools run extra curricula activities and practises for these teams. They also let the public uses their facilities e.g. their swimming pools and gyms. There is also a sports centre called Woodsen Park. Many schools go here to use the facilities, which they do not have at their school grounds. The 6th forms at many of the schools in the area go down to this sports centre and some others near by to take their Physical Education classes.


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