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Recruitment of committee members

This step serves as an initial way before launching the diversity efforts widely in the organization in which the board of directors and senior staff should become proficient in conducting a diversity process as well as review and take the existing internal and external resources needed for future subsidization into consideration.

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Along with the bank’s CEO or the board of directors as in the principal responsibilities of leadership speaking for obtaining diversity, the committee should be established with representatives from as various backgrounds and as many levels of organizational structure as possible in order to be able to reflect the bank’s current diversity context. The diversity committee would also be offered the clear mandate for its work with top management to keep them inform about the future plans and implementation of the committee.

In this stage, a survey can be conducted to comprehend employees’ interests in the diversity committee and interested individuals will be contacted. The board can then hold an election to vote for the permanent committee. The diversity committee members and Omnibank’s board of directors will discuss to unanimously approve specific objectives based on the company’s overall goals that determine the importance of such committee in terms of improving both the diversity of the bank’s employees as well as the diversity in interacting with its constituencies in form of charter.

Overall strategies would be clearly developed in specific context and stated clearly how to achieve them to ensure the engagement of all related members and departments in the company. Established upon the cognizance of diversity’s critical effect on the ever-changing demographic and business context nowadays, the charter aims at grasping, fostering and strengthening the diversity of OmniBank’s workforces in order to fulfill the needs of diverse customers from different races, ethnicities and profiles.

The company strives for creating unprejudiced working environment in which every incumbent is offered chances to attain the diverse capabilities regardless of nationality, gender, age, race, religion or politics perspective, disability and sexual preference for advanced and productive recognition and promotion. OmniBank is making every effort for maintaining and fostering the sense of respect and mutual trust in the workplace.

This will not only create harmony among diverse constituencies but also promise auspicious outcomes regarding the economic benefits as well as the bank’s reputation and prestige with its customers and business partners. In the light of this charter, OmniBank diversity committee pledges to: 1. Coaching an organizational culture operating relies on mutual respect and recognition of each and every single individual. With the definite support from the bank superiors, the committee endeavors to offer possible opportunities and favorable atmosphere for everyone, from the top management to employees to treasure, appreciate and put into effect.

2. Managing and ensuring the bank’s current human resource system will be accordant with the capabilities of the employees as well as with the whole organization’s capacity level. 3. Identifying the existing and forthcoming diversity within and beyond the organization border in order to impart to the bank’s constituencies to compatibly and profitably employ for the bank’s prosperity. 4. Assuring that the proclamation and application of the Charter will be widely acknowledged and be a subject matter for internal and external communication.

5. Publicly announcing on a regular basis regarding the committee’s efforts and accomplishments for the encouraging and promoting purpose in terms of fostering diversity. 6. Communicating and keeping the bank’s constituencies posted as well as zealously be a part of the Charter’s implementation. The OmniBank’s Diversity Committee positively reassures that the acknowledgment and application toward the goal of greater diversity initiative will result in positive effects on both at the bank and in community outreach. 3.

Implementation action plans After forming a permanent diverse committee and establishing a comprehending charter to provide guidelines and clarify the goals, the committee is now ready to take necessary steps in developing and implementing action plans so as to ensure the accomplishments towards the goal of greater diversity. The OmniBank Diversity Committee may take those steps in which the main objectives are to raise employees’ awareness, provide essential information and train the bank’s incumbents on diversity issues into consideration.


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