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Line managers have more responsibility in managing rewards which without the proper training they will be incapable of carrying out tasks to the requirements. So to compensate on line management inefficiency the HR has to develop different strategies to manage reward system or offer adequate training to line managers to execute the system effectively. The reward strategy can vary hugely between sectors such as in IT training and development plays an important role for employee rewards where as in sales bonus and commission is the main rewarding strategy.

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Accenture is dedicated in bringing the best from employees and the reward system is mainly tailored to the personal performance rather than one global system that apply to a diverse workforce. Organisations such as Google and Microsoft have a competitive payment and reward systems which are significantly higher than Accenture’s which is something that Accenture has to look into in order to retain its skilled staff for longer term.

Activity 2 – Learning and Development Organisation’s competitiveness in the industry is determined by their employee productivity and efficiency. The SWOT analysis of Accenture shows the necessity of continued training and development support for its employees to be competent in today’s fast paced technology sector for continued growth. HRM develops effective learning methods and developmental plans to improve the employee performance.

An effective learning and development strategy should incorporate the learning and development philosophy of the organisation and the aims, priorities, evaluation, responsibilities and required resources for the learning and development strategy. The organisation’s learning culture promotes learning because the management recognises it as an essential management process. The main concepts in learning and development are training, competence, skill and continuing professional development.

Armstrong’s learning and development model in Appendix C shows different ways of learning. Learning can be either formal or informal both having its own advantages and disadvantages. The learning curve below from Dennis Haffner8 shows the different level of competencies achieved during training and development. A learning program contains many learning event which is a learning activity that is designed to meet the needs of individual learning needs. The learning evaluation determines the effectiveness of learning in employees.

The comparative productivity chart in Appendix C shows that the productivity of UK staff is relatively low compared to other countries except for output per person compared against Germany. Low productivity has implications on international competitiveness. So it is important to create a constant learning culture in the organisations to train their staff to compete in the global economy. According to Birchalls and Lyons, effective learning of individuals take place in an environment where risk and experiments are encouraged and mistakes are tolerated for individuals to learn from their experiences.

Social learning theory states that for effective learning social interaction is required and it is the primary form of learning. Kolb’s learning style inventory describes individual learning styles through a learning cycle consisting of four stages. HRM design, plan, deliver and monitor learning programs and offer advice and training in employment laws whereas line manager support and assist HRM in developing and delivering training by making sure the employees are benefiting from the organisation’s HRM development strategy.

In Accenture, the employees are offered thousands of courses in various disciplines as well as career counselling each year by Accenture’s dedicated training facility and by its partner organisations. Accenture invested nearly US$800 million dollar in training and development. Accenture offers leadership development programs and management training for its high calibre employees to manage a globally diverse organisation. Some of the other mainstream trainings offered are Internship, work experience, Graduate training and professional certifications.


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